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You guys. There are so many things I liked about my travels in the Middle Kingdom, but the Great Firewall was not one of them. Most social networking sites, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, are blocked in China. I didn’t even want to do anything particularly exciting or anything dangerous — I just wanted to see my friends’ social media updates and keep in touch while I was away. And, ok, fine, I wanted to share my own travel photos on Instagram while I was abroad. I had to set up a VPN on my phone and netbook so I could look at my friends’ baby pictures on Facebook when I was on the other side of the planet.  Technology is great!

dns proxy logoAnother option is Smart DNS Proxy, with a Facebook login proxy, in case Facebook is blocked where you are. Since I’ve written so much about my travels and my difficulties getting onto my social networks abroad, Smart DNS Proxy asked me to share their service here, for other expats having similar troubles getting onto Facebook. 

The Smart DNS Proxy service is described as a secure proxy connection to unblock sites, including social networking sites, video sites and music streaming. This would let expats get onto Facebook, Instagram, and Netflix, just to name a few that made Yangzhou more like home for me. (Sometime I’ll write here comparing my downtime was in Yantai 2006, borrowing books from other expats or buying DVDs on the street, and compare it to my downtime in Yangzhou, where I had the whole Chapel Hill Public Library and my Netflix account on my iPad.)  Smart DNS Proxy will allow connections to blocked sites from PCs, Macs, PlayStations, Xboxes, iPads, iPhones or Android phones. To use this service, users will change their IP address to a Smart DNS Proxy IP address, and connect to sites that way.


They also promise access to other media and social sites, not just the ones that I happened to like, and there’s a distinct possibility that one could use this to get around a work network’s blocks, too. If you’re interested in that. (But obviously, if any potential employers are reading this, I would never do that because I’m a 100% perfect employee, and you should totally hire me right now. Definitely.)

smart dns proxy
This post is shared with you in partnership with Smart DNS Proxy. 

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