Adulthood Is The Worst

I didn’t get a W-2 from one of my employers. I tried calling them to track it down, and finally called the IRS who assured me that employer did report my income, and the IRS does have my W-2, but they couldn’t give me the info over the phone (for reasons that make sense to someone, I guess), and could only mail it to me in 5-10 business days. I got the letter from the IRS today, but somehow it was a request for my 2016 W-2s, which, you know, hasn’t happened yet, so it’s a terribly official form letter saying I have no earned income in 2016.

So today I got a weirdly depressing message from the future saying I’m not going to make any money at all this year, and I still can’t submit my last year’s taxes. Adulthood is the worst.

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  1. Jennette says:

    They probably can’t give you the info over the phone because of the rise in people filing false returns to get refunds as a form of identity theft.

    I remember calling the IRS once trying to get help with something and it was just as depressing as you’d think it’d be. I hope you’re able to work it all out.

    • Meg Stivison says:

      I thought that at first, but still seems odd that telling me over the phone is a risk in case I’m not actually me, but having it mailed to a random address in a different state is just fine. Weird, right?

      There was a tragic shift from seeing the envelope and thinking “IT CAME! BEFORE DEADLINE! I CAN TOTALLY SUBMIT ON TIME! I’M GREAT AT ADULTHOOD!” and realizing that I have to call back on tax day when everyone is sure to be in a miserable, overworked mood, and file my taxes late anyway, and just, ugh, everything is terrible.

      • Jennette says:

        Yeah, if you’re determined enough you can still commit fraud. To pay my estimated federal taxes online I need a PIN that they only send through the mail, so if I forget it I need to be sure I leave enough days for them to mail it to me before the taxes are due.

        Since you live in Massachusetts now don’t you get an extra day to file because of Patriot’s Day? Or is that just for state taxes?

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