Dungeons of the Endless

New review of roguelike  Dungeons of the Endless up on iOs Strategy Games:

Each room contains random, pixelated art of alien blossoms, glowing slime, broken crystals, or other space debris, and a random chance of having a reward, like extra resource points, helpful items, or even enemies. One of those found items was a copy of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy—a nice nod for fans of other ridiculous sci-fi adventures. Send your heroes to loot everything worthwhile, while avoiding the bad… just kidding. A word of caution: There is no avoiding the bad. This is a roguelike.

I always love seeing space opera themes, pixel art, and careful resource management in games, so DotE was an easy sell for me. And yesterday, I got so caught up in defeating waves of hostile aliens on my crashed ‘pod that I missed my stop on the train. I can’t give a mobile game any higher praise than that!

Via Dungeons of the Endless

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