I just went to the liquor store to bring a bottle of prosecco to Tiffany and Diego’s place tomorrow. This is exciting to me, because I think it’s nice to bring a bottle of wine when I got to see friends, but that means that I always stop on the way there. See also: Every birthday card or wedding card that I’ve ever signed was purchased on the way there.

Not only was I shopping in advance, but I even brought a canvas bag for carrying the prosecco home. The city of Cambridge now charges extra for plastic bags, which is a pretty good motivator for to bring my SXSW bag when I’m going shopping, but actually I only remember it about half the time. (I’m pretty sure an NPR or a public library tote stored permanently in my purse is the next logical step)

Anyway, I was pretty proud of myself and this newfound advance planning thing.

And then I got carded.

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  1. Paul Owen says:

    We just picked up wine on the way to a friend’s house last night. Our excuse is that my wife likes her wine chilled, so we wanted it to still be cold when we arrived.

  2. Jennette says:

    I picked up a bottle of wine on the way to your place once, which is when I learned North Carolina doesn’t sell wine until after noon on Sundays 🙂 I had to wander around for 10 minutes before the register would let them make the sale.

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