In Which I Push My Feminist Agenda

Over the years that I’ve been working in games, I’ve been accused of slipping a feminist agenda into game creative. Usually this means I objected to Smurfetteing, or pinking, not that I was actually trying to sneak female empowerment into a game.

This happened once when I wrote backstories and made 3 of the 7 playable animal characters female. I was told to rewrite one of the girls as a boy, and endless jokes were made about how I’d girled everything up. Haha! 28% of our characters are female! So girlified!

This also happened when I made a scientist questgiver female. I was prevented from making the fashion questgiver male, because obviously the fashion track existed only for lady players, and how would ladies know fashion was for them? We ended up with a lady scientist and a lady hunter, and also I drank a lot.

Anyway, I’m working on art direction for a new card game, in which only men will be washing dishes or cooking dinner. Because this time, it’s my project and I actually am pushing my feminist agenda.

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