Takeout, my new card game, was chosen for Boston FIG’s Tabletop Showcase this September! I’m really excited (and also terrified) to show my game.

Takeout is a social setbuilding game about American backpackers trying to order Chinese food. Each player is trying to get a complete meal of 5 different tastes, plus a cold drink, before their friends. While all players will have to deal with the difficulties of ordering food in a second language, cards let players can use their Chinese phrasebooks or superior chopsticks skills to complete their sets, at their friends’ expense.

This is the first time I’ve done something that is so mine. I’ve worked on a lot of games where I did the best I could within the constraints of the existing creative, or with the deadlines and budget I was given, or according to a licensor or boss’ guidelines. Anyway, I don’t really have any of those constraints for Takeout, and it’s a little unnerving. It is, you know, really, really mine.

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