What You Need For a Road Trip

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I tend to be a passenger, not a driver. My commute is by train, I run errands on foot. So, when we pick up a car, we’re usually taking a road trip or at least a cool day trip. Here are the essentials for a good road trip:

Comfortable car When we pick up a car, we usually get a Honda Element, a Jeep Renegade, or something like that. Mostly because my husband is six feet tall, and he gets cranky without legroom and headroom on a road trip.

Cell phone charger! Even if you’re not playing Pokemon Go in the car (and I’m not, mostly because Harold wants us to, like, talk to each other or something), navigation and podcasts will use up your battery. Newer cars often have USB ports for charging, but I usually have a cigarette lighter converter in my purse. This is a Cars.com post, and not a random-converter post, but converters with two ports exist. It’s great.

Playlists Fun roadtrips need a great soundtrack. Spotify has made up some roadtrip mixes already. or Podcasts I’m listening to RadioLab, This American Life, The Weeds and Dear Prudence. Not necessarily in that order….And if you haven’t listened to S-Town, you should!

Water bottle I carry my own, which saves on plastic waste because I’m not buying disposable bottles, and also keeps me from getting ripped off when bottles of water are $5.

Change cup For tolls and parking. I think there are 3 or maybe 4 free parking spaces in greater Boston, and I’ve never parked at any of them.

Sponsored post in partnership with Cars.com.

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