Imposter Syndrome, Part 84,751

The last few sessions at school, I felt like I was struggling in most of my classes, especially my craft classes. Fortunately, I read insanely fast, so I didn’t have trouble keeping up that way, but when we responded to literature, my analysis was lacking. In workshops, what I submitted wasn’t that great, and I was struggling to give useful workshop feedback since my classmates’ submissions were a lot stronger than mine. So I signed up for a fundamentals class this session.

This was a truly terrible mistake.

This foundations class was not only the worst class I’ve taken at Lindenwood, by a lot, but very possibly the worst writing class I’ve ever taken. Our readings covered the most simplistic information, followed by the sort of response questions that just check for reading comprehension, not any application of what’s been read. Writing assignments were all lackluster, tired prompts. I’ve been handing my work in at the last possible second, or even late sometimes, because everything I was asked to do was so, so dull.

Worst, I brought this on myself. When I found my writing classes difficult, instead of deciding to try hard and keep at it, I concluded that I shouldn’t be there, and that the class was on the wrong level for my abilities. Wrong decision, jerkbrain.

In related news, we sold out of Takeout almost immediately after getting it on Amazon, because I was so worried that no one would buy it that I didn’t send enough copies. Impostor syndrome sucks.

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