The Even Better News

First, the good news. My game, Takeout, is now available on Amazon! So, if you played the game at BostonFIG (or in our living room), we could really use a review on Amazon.

Second, the even better part of this news is that I’m now done with all the logistics of making that happen! Thank goodness. This is not at all my skill set, and coming home to do unpaid work as a one-woman accounting, shipping and distribution center IS AWFUL.

I was aiming to have the game available for Black Friday / Cyber Monday shopping, but I discovered there’s so much paperwork and waiting and approvals and waiting and mailing and more waiting that I could have imagined.  Honestly, if I’d been fully aware of how much paperwork, logistics and waiting would be involved when I started, I’d probably have just given up.  So maybe it’s better that I went in thinking it would just take a couple of days, and better than I just kept thinking, ok, this is the last setback. Almost there.

I thought I’d never be finished.  Even yesterday, I checked the tracking numbers for the packages I’d shipped to Amazon, and two them had arrived right on schedule. — Oh, I had to ship three packages of games to three different Amazon warehouses, not just one. That’s what I mean by every step that seemed simple ended up taking more time than I’d imagined. After I packed up the three boxes, with their correct individual UPC labeling and correct Amazon shipping labels, there was more waiting at the UPS store. I even got the tracking numbers for each one, and I’m not exactly a process and organization person.

Then, yesterday I checked the tracking numbers for the packages, and two of them made it successfully to two warehouses, but the third was missing. Not delayed! Just gone! Somewhere!  I’d done everything I could, including getting the tracking number and checking back to see if other people were doing their jobs, but there was still one more delay.  Because of course there was.

So, yeah, I’m pretty happy the game’s up and all, but I’m even happier that I have the distribution pipeline sorted and the paperwork sorted, and I never have to go through that again.


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