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Consider Revising

This semester, I submitted a short story that is so “inspired” by the end of of a certain game company startup that it barely qualifies as fiction. The main workshop feedback I got on it was: Makes no sense for … Continue reading

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Did You Mean:

I usually check the interlibrary loan for my textbooks before I buy them. This time, I feel like the local public library knows me just a little too well.

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Keep Calm and Brew Up

I’m really enjoying this book overall, and of the most interesting parts of The Taste of Empire is about tea. The book explains that in  the mid to late 1700s, poor British workers often spent a tenth of their annual … Continue reading

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Sim Builders

One of my favorite sim builder games was Nat Geo’s Doomsday Preppers. Sure, it was based on the show about survivalists preparing for an inevitable apocalypse, but this game is super cute. Even the underground bunkers of survivalist supplies are … Continue reading

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London Demands Spices

London demands spices. I think that’s a pretty solid summary of the British Empire, actually. Also, it’s my winter break, and I’m playing Civ with Eric, just like when we were in college a few years ago, I mean several … Continue reading

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Imposter Syndrome, Part 84,751

The last few sessions at school, I felt like I was struggling in most of my classes, especially my craft classes. Fortunately, I read insanely fast, so I didn’t have trouble keeping up that way, but when we responded to … Continue reading

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Dual-Classing, or Why I Am Not Good At Casual Chats

Teaching Coworker: How long do you think my bowling activity should be? Two hours? Me: First, you need to define the game’s parameters. How many students are coming? Are you planning to reserve lanes? With 10 students and two lanes, … Continue reading

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The Even Better News

First, the good news. My game, Takeout, is now available on Amazon! So, if you played the game at BostonFIG (or in our living room), we could really use a review on Amazon. Second, the even better part of this … Continue reading

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Laptop Games

I tend to use my laptop for email, writing papers, and planning lessons. Boring things. But I also play a lot of games on my laptop. Browser Games: For a while, my job was playing Kongregate browser games and reviewing … Continue reading

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Five Star Billionaire

Rereading Five Star Billionaire, and I found a line I highlighted last time. China was at once lawless and unbending in its rules. Tash Aw, Five Star Billionaire Still so accurate.

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