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Bell’s Seasoning

This is the first thing I’ve written for my MFA that I consider a finished, standalone piece. When I started this program, I expected to write so many finished, solid stories. And I am writing so, so much for this program, but … Continue reading

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80 Days

Let’s talk about how freaking great 80 Days is. In this iOs game, you play as acrobat-turned-valet Passpartout in a steampunked version of Jules Verne’s Around The World In 80 Days. (I read this novel when I was in middle … Continue reading

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Giant Small Talk

I’ve been thinking recently about my adventures in China. Sometimes I have this homesickness for places in Yantai and Beijing, even though I’m pretty sure that with pace of change in China, those spots are completely different now. I struggled … Continue reading

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Chirba Chirba

One of the many things I miss about Beijing is having delicious dumplings all the time. There’s a pretty heated debate about which dough it the best, and which filling, and whether the best dumplings are steamed or fried or boiled, … Continue reading

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As Cultural Stunts Go

Old China Hand Imagethief, a blogger I followed with dedication during my Yantai and Beijng years, now writes thoughtfully about returning to American life after many years in Asia. As cultural stunts go, China was an epic win. I became … Continue reading

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Cursus Honorum

At our sprint review meeting on Friday, we met two new team members. “I took a pretty unusual path,” said one of my new colleagues. “Before this, I lived in Beijing. I know that moving to China is not the most common path into teaching … Continue reading

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Please Get Ready For Your Arrival

I really like getting the chance to help Chinese visitors find their way. First, it’s a nice karmic balance for all the times kind Beijing and Yantai folks helped get me where I wanted to go, despite my awful Chinese. … Continue reading

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Beijing Tech Report

Really excited to hear about my former student presenting her start-up pitch at Beijing Tech Hive!  My old student is, of course, the woman in front. Via Beijing Tech Report 

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The other day, I had my students make menus and play restaurant. I’d put them in groups and let the kids choose whether to be waitstaff or customers, polite or rude. Usually this class is le tired, so I was … Continue reading

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Bu Chai

Tom Lasseter, who replaced Tim Johnson as the China correspondent for McClatchy, mentioned today on his blog that Beijing plans to renovate all the hutongs around the Drum and Bell Towers. Renovation is hardly news in Beijing, where the pre-Olympic … Continue reading

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