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Meaning, Translation, Scraps of Paper

Right now, I’m using the backpack I bought in China for my notebook and textbooks, which makes dragging a schoolbag to work in order to study on my breaks slightly less depressing. It’s lovely because I keep finding Yangzhou ephemera in my Carrboro life, … Continue reading

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Kitchen Chinese

Just finished reading Kitchen Chinese by Ann Mah. I was pretty much hooked as soon as the protagonist explains she only knows food words in Chinese. Hey, me too! This turned out to be an awesome story about Beijing expat life, with … Continue reading

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Homework Memories

I wrote, in Yangzhou, about how annoying my online class is, but I don’t think I wrote about actually doing the work. One evening in Yangzhou, I was trying to finish my homework so I could go out with my friends. … Continue reading

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Bad Airport Day

I’d been thinking that I just need one bad China day to make it easier to go home. But I haven’t had one, Yangzhou was wonderful, minus that whole flooded bathroom thing, and my Shanghai girlcation has been filled with writing … Continue reading

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Notes From Shanghai

I haven’t written as much as I expected to write About China, because I’ve been experiencing a reverse Dunning-Kruger on this trip. I’m realizing more and more the immensity of what I don’t yet understand about China, and so whenever I start to … Continue reading

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This Is Our Destiny

I had a hard time getting Marcus’ latest book here in Yangzhou. Hahaha! Can you believe that’s a sentence I just wrote? Such subversive poems are banned in Middle Kingdom, I guess.  What I really want to do is take this back to when … Continue reading

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In A Different Time

Another late summer evening in Yangzhou, and Ian and I have landed at Ronnie’s bar again. I could write an epic on the expat bar in Yangzhou, how I’ve come in with different friends or met up with different friends, sat at the bar … Continue reading

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More Similar Than You Know

Shortly before I started dating my now-husband, I was seeing a writer in Los Angeles. He’s a really great guy, handsome, funny, talented…  Uh. Yeah.  This is relevant! I’m going somewhere with this! The other day, one of my students told me … Continue reading

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Seeing Measure Words in Bamboo

The other day, I went to eat with a coworker at the secret upstairs noodle shop. Some expat friends are friends of convenience, the other English speakers in a foreign country, and after so many rounds of Hello, I am … Continue reading

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Book Review: Tapped

Tapped by AJ Maguire tells the story of a family of veteran space smugglers, who pick up three passengers with even more to hide. This story has a lot of the themes and characters we all loved in Firefly. Space drama has … Continue reading

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