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Scenes from an MFA

One week before a writing project is due: This story is really solid. Maybe I’ll make a few small edits, but it’s basically finished. I’ll come back to it for proofreading with fresh eyes, and then submit it! One day before … Continue reading

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Living in Boston is like a mini-New York. While New York is the city where you can get whatever you want, whenever you want it, Boston is the city that’s mostly closed on Sundays. Boston’s subways are also a mini-version of … Continue reading

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Everybody Rise

Everybody Rise is a lifestyle-porn New York adventure with a likeable protagonist, a middle-class girl pretending to the world of deb balls and multimillion-dollar getaway cottages. I love lifestyle and manners novels, with a blatant escapist love for the gorgeous, the exclusive and … Continue reading

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Montclair Filament

I started reading Elisabeth Egan’s A Window Opens shortly before I left for Yangzhou, but for some reason, moving to China and immediately losing my suitcase put me slightly behind on my reading and blogging.  I mean, I could have just … Continue reading

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Every Flavour Perfumery

My trip to New York for IndieCade involved facemeeting some of my internet friends, and revisiting some favorite Manhattan places. This means a lovely wander around snowy St. Marks Place (thanks, ADigitalMagician!), and a black-and-white cookie, and a long walk through … Continue reading

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Still Life With Yggdrasil

My friend Allison has this on a necklace, she wore it a lot in college. Actually, I’m not sure sure if she wore it every single day, but that’s how I picture her in my head, and so, every time I see … Continue reading

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At IndieCade, Part 2

I ran into Nate, and then he ran into one of his friends, and introduced me. “Oh, is your last name Stivison?” Nate’s friend asked. “Yeah, it is.” “You reviewed my game!” I’m always so terribly nervous when that happens, and I was … Continue reading

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Not All YouTubers

Part of my work involves creating video content, managing the creation of video content from others, and building a friendly fan community around games, all for students ages 8-14. Sometimes, working on gaming videos really highlights how inappropriate and angry YouTube gamer culture can be. It ranges … Continue reading

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Chirba Chirba

One of the many things I miss about Beijing is having delicious dumplings all the time. There’s a pretty heated debate about which dough it the best, and which filling, and whether the best dumplings are steamed or fried or boiled, … Continue reading

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Editorial and Supernatural Adventures in ‘Ghost Train To New Orleans’

My cousin Andrea got me The Shambling Guide to New York City for Christmas, and I just loved it. Then I received an ARC of Ghost Train to New Orleans, the second book of Zoe and her adventures.  I like … Continue reading

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