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Meaning, Translation, Scraps of Paper

Right now, I’m using the backpack I bought in China for my notebook and textbooks, which makes dragging a schoolbag to work in order to study on my breaks slightly less depressing. It’s lovely because I keep finding Yangzhou ephemera in my Carrboro life, … Continue reading

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Comforting Mini-Puzzler in iOs ‘GrowRecovery’

I’ve been a bit busy and haven’t written too much here (and another eyeroll at another class is probably on the way), but I recently wrote about playing Grow Recovery for (The) Absolute. Grow Recovery, though, adds a little narrative to the … Continue reading

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Ma La Tong

Went out last night for a leaving party, one of our students is going to university and one of the teachers is finishing his contract and leaving for a new job. I’d forgotten how much of expat life is leaving parties … Continue reading

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A Retrospective of My Chinese Bathrooms

Remember my Yantai bathroom with no hot water? Remember my Beijing bathroom with the electrical outlet in the shower? Yeah, I haven’t exactly had the greatest luck with Chinese bathrooms. Two nights ago, I had a little trouble sleeping and … Continue reading

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Yangzhou Differences

It’s Really, Really Hot I mean, I knew it would be hot. I packed for summer. But, you guys, it’s so hot. I bought one of those cotton nightgowns that the grandmas in my old Beijing hutong used to wear around the neighborhood, … Continue reading

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Hamburger Helpful

  Yesterday I had a Chinese lesson through my school. I was quite happy that we had a structured lesson, and I was even happier when one of my coworkers joined me. We were given a dialogue where one person orders a hamburger … Continue reading

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Double Outrage

It was a lot of effort for me to get onto Facebook here, and I sort of wish I hadn’t bothered. The latest viral outrage, about the lion hunter, is about endangered animals, sure, but it also highlights wider issues about American … Continue reading

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Montclair Filament

I started reading Elisabeth Egan’s A Window Opens shortly before I left for Yangzhou, but for some reason, moving to China and immediately losing my suitcase put me slightly behind on my reading and blogging.  I mean, I could have just … Continue reading

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Lady Laowei

Before I came to Yangzhou, I wanted to live in the housing arranged by the school, but I specifically asked not to have to share a room. When I was told that a single would be no problem, I was so very proud … Continue reading

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TLDR: Z Achieved

So of course I have delivery tracking for my visa, and I’m not saying that I’ve been refreshing that page obsessively, but yesterday morning, I saw it left the center in Durham and was on the final leg of the … Continue reading

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