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Dual-Classing, or Why I Am Not Good At Casual Chats

Teaching Coworker: How long do you think my bowling activity should be? Two hours? Me: First, you need to define the game’s parameters. How many students are coming? Are you planning to reserve lanes? With 10 students and two lanes, … Continue reading

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The Time Of A Song

All our classes were asked to come up with a skit for an end-of-class performance, so my ESL students the first week were came up with two really hilarious skits, both using quite limited English and ending with clever bicultural puns. … Continue reading

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Some of my students from my last session at Chinese school came back to visit me between classes, but I only have a very short break in 6 hours of class (and my break was already eroded by school admin … Continue reading

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Me, as a first-year teacher: Teaching is a noble calling, and I will change lives in the classroom. I will share my love of language and literature, and I’ll encourage my students to be their best. Decades later, my students … Continue reading

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Skillsets and the Tarzan Yell

I interviewed for a great short-term teaching job the other day. I’m torn between OMG IT’S SO INTERESTING!!! I COULD LEARN SO MUCH THERE!!! and a more responsible worry that I need to stop grabbing interesting gigs and start planning steps to … Continue reading

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Considering a Response in Cuneiform

Today my favorite student left me a note in hieroglyphics.

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Checking The Boxes That Must Be Checked

I recently started taking an online class. The first thing I need to do to take my content class (which is a prereq to a program I want to apply for) is to take a mandatory orientation class on online education. … Continue reading

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In Praise of Acceptable

I did some perfectly acceptable work recently, and I’m pretty thrilled about it. It’s not so difficult to write something great when I have a great topic, and time and space for creativity, and I’m feeling inspired. But turning out consistant … Continue reading

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Social Gaming

After I showed Grumpy Goats to my game design students, we had a discussion about elements of Facebook games, and I showed them World of Secrets. One might not think a Facebook hidden object game lends itself well to a … Continue reading

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A crisis of some sort is not uncommon for successful people at midlife, but the age of this midlife meltdown has started coming earlier and earlier. People have started talking about a “thrisis” in the thirties and a “quarter-life crisis” … Continue reading

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