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“Scoutible” on (The) Absolute

Of all the demos at this year’s TechCrunch Disrupt, Scoutible’s mobile game for replacing the job interview grabbed my attention. Some of the surrounding demos seemed like awesome tech solutions in search of a problem to solve, but, come on, … Continue reading

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Accessing Blocked Facebook

You guys. There are so many things I liked about my travels in the Middle Kingdom, but the Great Firewall was not one of them. Most social networking sites, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, are blocked in China. I didn’t … Continue reading

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Star Trek: Wrath of Gems

Star Trek: Wrath of Gems is a mobile match-three from Genera Games. Wrath of Games uses a match-three games to advance the storyline, a lot like the system in Doctor Who: Legacy. Each completed puzzle unlocks the next scene, although completionists can … Continue reading

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BuriedTown Review on Hardcore Droid

I have a new post up over on Hardcore Droid: In BuriedTown, you are a lone survivor after the rise of the zombies, looting what you can to build up your home. You’ll need to get a weapon, maybe some … Continue reading

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Comforting Mini-Puzzler in iOs ‘GrowRecovery’

I’ve been a bit busy and haven’t written too much here (and another eyeroll at another class is probably on the way), but I recently wrote about playing Grow Recovery for (The) Absolute. Grow Recovery, though, adds a little narrative to the … Continue reading

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App Review: Save More With Clink

Clink is an upcoming app for saving money, and for increasing your savings. Users will choose a percentage of checks from dining out, and put that money into savings, but instead of just a regular savings account, it’s in a portfolio, … Continue reading

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CamRate Everything

CamRate, a fun new lifestyle app, lets users take photos or share photos, add a name and a description, and rate it, and publicly share their rating. Then, you can see what others think about it, or rate what other … Continue reading

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