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Accessing Blocked Facebook

You guys. There are so many things I liked about my travels in the Middle Kingdom, but the Great Firewall was not one of them. Most social networking sites, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, are blocked in China. I didn’t … Continue reading

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#ClinkSavings Is Out of Beta

A few months ago, I wrote about Clink, a new financial app that was still in beta. Now Clink is out of beta and officially launched! This app allows uses to be what Yahoo! Finance calls “passive savers” and automatically save and invest a chosen … Continue reading

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Come for the Zombie Slayage, Stay for the Survivor Stories

Recently I put Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadville on my phone to play during quiet times at work. (Eventually I’m going to write you a post about my current job, and the hilarious moments as a Mandarin-speaking, er, a Mandarin-understanding white … Continue reading

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Attack with PBR and Vinyl Records in Indie Game “Hipster Zombies”

Hipster Zombies, available on iOS and Android from indie devs Sharkbomb Studios, is yet another game inviting players to battle oncoming hordes of zombies. But these are hipsterzombies, and in addition to brains, they want old records, black plastic glasses, … Continue reading

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“Easy to learn, hard to master” is usually considered the gold standard for a casual game. The more time new players must spend, learning how systems and items work, the less casual and accessible the game is. (I love a … Continue reading

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Berry Chat With Blabcake

Walking Thumbs’ new Blabcake Messenger App lets users chat with their friends using expressive animations and cute interactions. This social app is often described as emoji chat, but actually users have cute berry avatars. Individual Berries can be personalized with … Continue reading

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The Silent Age: Episode Two

The second part of House on Fire’s The Silent Age continues janitor Joe’s time-traveling adventures as he saves the world from certain destruction. Like in the first episode, Joe travels between groovy 1972 and a terrible post-apocalyptic future with his solar-powered … Continue reading

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Zyrobotics’ Turtle Invaders

Zyrobotics’ Turtle Invaders is a simple, undersea action game for young children, available for both iOs and Android mobile devices. The developers’ goal is to help young children and children with special needs to improve their motor skills with an … Continue reading

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PanemVille: The Hunger Games Adventures

The Hunger Games novels suggest so many good games — a minigame hunting prey with Katniss’ arrows (a popular choice for the middle-school girls in my game design classes), a crafting and survival game like Lost In Blue set in … Continue reading

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Seed 4

Seed 4 is a new fantasy MMORPG, available for Android from Gameberry.  The game is free to play, and monetizes on in-game purchases. Players can choose a fantasy hero — or heroine, there are plenty of playable females — and … Continue reading

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