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Iron Game Dev

Saturday morning at IndieCade was the Iron Game Dev Challenge. I was excited to see so man creative devs together, and I’m kind of fascinated by what goes into a game. No matter how many games I playtest or how … Continue reading

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One Falls For Each Of Us

I have a lot more to say about IndieCade, but this moment really captures the weekend. Saturday night was Brenda Brathwaite’s tearjerking discussion of her new project, One Falls For Each Of Us. This is a game, well, I don’t … Continue reading

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Skipping The Tutorial

A recent post on Brenda Brathwaite’s blog discusses “the frequently forced, painful and cramped narrative-on-rails that is the in-game tutorial” (Full text here). These are usually an awkward blend in media res urgency with a constant jarring reminder of what … Continue reading

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Wisegal is actually the second time I’ve contributed to a Lifetime casual game. I also helped to test Lifetime / Large Animal Game’s Fashion Solitaire in 2008, although I didn’t make it into the credits. Maybe I shouldn’t make fun … Continue reading

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