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Attack with PBR and Vinyl Records in Indie Game “Hipster Zombies”

Hipster Zombies, available on iOS and Android from indie devs Sharkbomb Studios, is yet another game inviting players to battle oncoming hordes of zombies. But these are hipsterzombies, and in addition to brains, they want old records, black plastic glasses, … Continue reading

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First Step: Proving I Don’t Have Leprosy

 I’ve been talking around this for a bit, mentioning my Chinese lessons and alluding to future changes, but with my work visa in the works, now it seems like it’s really happening. I’m going back to China for a few months to teach. … Continue reading

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Ze, zir, zim: An Extended Metaphor

Transgender and genderfluid identities are quite outside my experience, actually, so are most queer identities, since my own questioning phase was more about where can I find handsome boys, which boy should I date, and why can’t I date all of … Continue reading

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Felix Felicis

“Have you ever taken it, sir?” asked Michael Corner with great interest. “Twice in my life,” said Slughorn. “Once when I was twenty-four, once when I was fifty-seven. Two tablespoonfuls taken with breakfast. Two perfect days.” We’re hiring a new … Continue reading

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Southern Comfort

On Thursday, Harold and I drove up to Richmond for Wizard World Comic Con, where Harold had a table signing copies of Screamland and some of his more recent artwork. We stayed at a hilariously awful hotel, because I simply … Continue reading

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Chirba Chat

Meg: Today I received the greatest news in all the time I have lived in North Carolina so amazing I am not just trying to be happy about this I am legitimately thrilled about this news this would even make me … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Curriculum Vitae

My career retrospective, as told through Hello Kitty: I gave out Chinglish Hello Kitty stickers in class to reward my Beijing students. The sad evening when I took my Hello Kitty desk toys home, after my last day at Next … Continue reading

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Hipster Shirts

One of the side effects of tech blogging and games blogging is the endless assortment of branded graphics t-shirts I own.  Like everyone else in gaming, I have an extensive collection of shapeless XL black t-shirts with game logos, all … Continue reading

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“Alice In Tumblr-Land”

Tim Manley’s Alice in Tumblr-land: And Other Fairy Tales for a New Generation tells the stories of fairy tale princesses and heroes, as twenty-somethings navigating relationships, friends, sex, careers and social media. The Tortoise and the Hare Facebook-stalk each other … Continue reading

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Monorail Espresso | You Gotta Eat This!

While I was in Seattle for Geek Girl Con, I finally went to Monorail Espresso, instead of just running past it on my way to the convention center. It was amazing, even in a city with great coffee everywhere, and … Continue reading

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