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My Top Books of 2014

So, this was blatantly stolen from Alice at Reading Rambo, who stole it from Emily at As the Crowe Flies (and Reads). Although, I only answered the questions I felt like answering, and I waited until weeks into 2015 to do so, because you … Continue reading

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The One and Only DNF

I recently learned that for book bloggers, DNF means Did Not Finish. What is this not-finishing-a-novel business? Seriously, I very rarely leave a book unfinished, and that is including some fairly dreadful self-published memoir and that time I thought I was reading a historical novel but it turned out to be Julius Caesar erotica. Continue reading

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Still Not Rome.

In which my love of the Rome series tricks me into reading another Colleen McCullough novel. I have mixed feelings on Colleen McCullough’s work. On one hand, Caesar’s Women and the rest of her Rome series are epic and well … Continue reading

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What To Do With A Degree In Classics

One of my game dev students named the object for her Hero Marcus Junius Brutus and the object for her Enemy Gaius Julius Caesar. While I usually encourage my students to stick to the naming conventions, to avoid 10,000 files … Continue reading

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Chinese School After-Action Review

Chinese school is over for the semester. I’ve been teaching here for two years now, the longest time I’ve worked in one school. RACL is really a special place, I’m glad I could work here. I had the best class this semester, thanks to … Continue reading

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This Is Just How Caesar’s Legions Got Started

My morning before class started with sleeping through the alarm, and as always, rushing set off a series of other minor catastrophes. When I saw the No Left Turn – Train sign by Chapel Hill Road, I realized I’d have to teleport … Continue reading

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The Independence of Miss Mary Bennett

I have mixed feelings about Colleen McCullough. On one hand, she wrote the well-researched and racy Caesar’s Women and other novels set in ancient Rome. On the other hand, I haven’t quite forgiven her for Thorn Birds. Now, I love … Continue reading

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Today’s Mail

I was going to send you an e-card, but the stupid company doesn’t have Dead Caesar Day cards. -Eric

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Remember that time?

The thing is, everything in China relies on context. It’s kind of like when you meet your boyfriend’s friends and they’re all “Remember that time? Hahahaha!” while you’re all “Hi, I’m Meg”. They use these half sentences and references to … Continue reading

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HBO’s Rome

Sunday was the first episode of HBO’s Rome series. Stick, being the Greatest Boyfriend Ever actually ordered HBO just so we could watch it. The story begins at a point everyone recognizes, with Caesar in Gaul and Pompey home waiting … Continue reading

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