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Accessing Blocked Facebook

You guys. There are so many things I liked about my travels in the Middle Kingdom, but the Great Firewall was not one of them. Most social networking sites, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, are blocked in China. I didn’t … Continue reading

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Ma La Tong

Went out last night for a leaving party, one of our students is going to university and one of the teachers is finishing his contract and leaving for a new job. I’d forgotten how much of expat life is leaving parties … Continue reading

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A Song of Bing and Huo

I’ve been reading A Song of Ice and Fire, mostly thanks to SuperDan’s recommendation, which means I’ve been lying in front of my room fan in my underwear, trying to remember what being cool felt like, and reading about how winter is … Continue reading

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Also The Whole Thing Really

One of the common complaints about social media is that people who are Instagramming or livetweeting their experiences, aren’t really “present” in the moment they’re recording, and are therefore enjoying things incorrectly.  I usually don’t understand this complaint, and it … Continue reading

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Harold: I’ve been using the library a lot more since we got together. I think it’s because you go all the time, but I never realized what a great resource the library could be. Meg: Yeah, that’s where they keep the free books.

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Still Life With Yggdrasil

My friend Allison has this on a necklace, she wore it a lot in college. Actually, I’m not sure sure if she wore it every single day, but that’s how I picture her in my head, and so, every time I see … Continue reading

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Ze, zir, zim: An Extended Metaphor

Transgender and genderfluid identities are quite outside my experience, actually, so are most queer identities, since my own questioning phase was more about where can I find handsome boys, which boy should I date, and why can’t I date all of … Continue reading

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Instagrammar – (n.) Communication entirely or largely through hashtagged words. Usage: Check out my #new #word Instagrammar! #OED #Dictionary2.0 #improvingtheEnglishlanguage #WOTD

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Open Source for Digital Creativity

Recent story on OpenSource about my work: Youth Digital just moved into their new offices, tucked away in a nondescript office park in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. It’s a big step up from their humble beginnings, when company founder and … Continue reading

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After reading Finished Business, I wanted some more ancient Rome, so I picked up Parthian Shot from the library. In actual hardcover, because the Chapel Hill library doesn’t quite have the ebook collection that NYPL has. Across from MYS WIS, … Continue reading

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