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Language Acquisition or Whatever

Me taking HSK practice exams: Yeah! 加油! Go me! I’m so good at Chinese! Me listening to native Mandarin at natural speed: Uh, what?  慢说. 我说的不好。   Right now, I’m studying the vocabulary for the HSK 1 exam. A lot of … Continue reading

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Beginning Chinese

  Just finished my Chinese class! I took the beginning Chinese class from 北京大学 through Coursera, and now I can do basic things in Chinese, like say the days of the week or ask about favorite television shows, instead of just ordering food.  I … Continue reading

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Grass Mud Horse

I picked up a basic Chinese language CD from the library, and started listening to it in the car on the way home. The CD promised to cover basic phrases and words, and I expected to brush up on my … Continue reading

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Google+ Vs Facebook

From Google vs. Facebook: Should Human Rights Factor in Your Choice of Social Network? on Huffington Post Google Plus, which launched in beta last week, has been Topic One among the “digerati,” who’ve spent much of the week kicking the … Continue reading

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Secret Superpowers

My recent travels have taught me about real in-room wifi, and on this trip,  after my much-dreaded presentation, I alao learned that “close to the airport” is secret code for “on a highway between Hooters and a strip club.” My … Continue reading

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New Material

I’m teaching at an ESL summer camp for the next two weeks. This school is as poorly organized as a typical Chinese “English center”, which allows me to test my theory that I would absolutely love that life, if only … Continue reading

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Bu Chai

Tom Lasseter, who replaced Tim Johnson as the China correspondent for McClatchy, mentioned today on his blog that Beijing plans to renovate all the hutongs around the Drum and Bell Towers. Renovation is hardly news in Beijing, where the pre-Olympic … Continue reading

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RPGs With Chinese Characteristics

I can’t always combine my love for China and games, but right now, I’m playing two different new Chinese releases. The first is RainBlood, an indie PC RPG from developer Soulframe. It’s technically not new, but the English translation is.  It’s … Continue reading

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Chinese School After-Action Review

Chinese school is over for the semester. I’ve been teaching here for two years now, the longest time I’ve worked in one school. RACL is really a special place, I’m glad I could work here. I had the best class this semester, thanks to … Continue reading

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Tiger Eye: Curse Of The Riddle Box

Passionfruit Games‘ first title, Tiger Eye Curse Of The Riddle Box> is out this week. This new game blends casual adventure gameplay with the paranormal romance novel Tiger Eye by Majorie M. Liu. I was in the beta last month, … Continue reading

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