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Ma La Tong

Went out last night for a leaving party, one of our students is going to university and one of the teachers is finishing his contract and leaving for a new job. I’d forgotten how much of expat life is leaving parties … Continue reading

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Scenes From Imaginary China

I came across this book when I was home in New Jersey cleaning out my old room. (Yeah, my mom said something about how I haven’t lived there in ten years and she’d really like a guest room and that … Continue reading

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Montclair, The Land of Hunan House

Every time I came home from college or from traveling, the first thing I’d want to do in my hometown of Montclair is go eat Hunan House Chinese food. So yesterday, when I flew in from Raleigh to my parents’ … Continue reading

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We found mangosteens in the supermarket today! I recognized them from the Yihai market, but I really didn’t expect to find them in such close proximity to drive-thru hush puppies.

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At The Video Store

Sometimes I forget how much having lived in China affects me. I don’t mean my new appreciation for bread and cheese, although I think Chinese food has something to do with that. I mean how out of the American loop … Continue reading

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Kudos Demo

I want to call Kudos a life sim, but that term carries the connotations of “TheSims knockoff” and Kudos is definitely not that. It’s a sandbox game, where your choices affect your next set of options. It actually reminded me … Continue reading

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Hutong Kitchen

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Nate James’ Orient-ation is a new China expat blog. He’s heavy on descriptions of daily Chinese life (as he gets, uh, oriented), like this one: The waitress comes out with the plate, steaming hot, mouth-watering. Your nose picks up the … Continue reading

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No, Alanis, It’s Unfortunate.

I had to run some errands the other day, and I stopped into UBC Coffee afterwards for a cup of almost-coffee. Eating alone in restaurants is a weird guilty pleasure of mine. I really like it, but I also think … Continue reading

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Wangfujing Snack Street

It’s time for another trip to Wangfujing to visit the foreign-language bookstores! I’ve read everything in the house at least twice (Except for Scarlett, because seriously, once was more than enough.) and needed to restock, and Stick was looking for … Continue reading

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