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Classically Educated

Harold is watching Hannibal, and even though I don’t want to watch it with him, don’t want him to watch it in the same room with me, and am kinda ok with him watching it when I’m home, as long … Continue reading

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Persephone in Yangzhou

Fall is here in Yangzhou, with the end of the desperate humidity and a change in the air that signals sweaters and breezes. My initial working contract will be up in a few weeks. My school has offered me a one-year or six-month … Continue reading

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Yeah, But Just Wait ‘Til We Raise Our Legions

We got a new guy at work today and we were in the office chatting about what we did before coming to Yangzhou.  I’d forgotten this part about expat life, how it’s already time to say goodbye to one person … Continue reading

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Classically Educated Tech Blogging

Female employees working at Apple will soon be offered a fertility benefit of up to $20,000 to put toward freezing their eggs, which advocates say gives women the freedom to seek career advancement without worrying about future family plans. via … Continue reading

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