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Yeah, But Just Wait ‘Til We Raise Our Legions

We got a new guy at work today and we were in the office chatting about what we did before coming to Yangzhou.  I’d forgotten this part about expat life, how it’s already time to say goodbye to one person … Continue reading

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The Argonautica

Apparently the oxygen-free heights of Denver city aren’t the real mountains, so we drove out to Idaho Springs, a gorgeous mountain town that made me want to be a pioneer even more than usual. We stopped at an a former … Continue reading

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Bosphorus Restaurant 329 North Harrison Ave Cary, NC I drive past Bosphorus restaurant every week on my way to teach at Chinese school, but it was our first time eating there. Inside, Bosphorus is decorated with posters of Turkish landscapes … Continue reading

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March Madness

Yesterday Stick and Cory were talking about their March Madness pools. I always pick Villanova to win, solely because they such have a good ancient civ name. I don’t usually get very far in the pools though. I guess early … Continue reading

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On Classicist Romance

We have 2 copies of Winnie The Pooh in Latin.

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Please Get Ready For Your Arrival

My friend Hugo likes to laugh. I mean, he really likes to laugh. He can’t tell a joke because as he’s telling it, he thinks of how funny the punchline is, and laughs too hard to keep talking. He’s a … Continue reading

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Vade Mecum?

David beat me to the punch on this one, but I wanted to make sure you didn’t forget your vade mecum. Whatever that is.

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No Spitting On The Paintings!

Stick and I went to the Capital Museum to see the Treasures From The Louvre: Art From Ancient Greece exhibit. Stick and I are both classicists so we were really excited to go. It was great to see statues and … Continue reading

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Tragic Appliances

Only classicists will get why the Midea rice cooker is just wrong! I think the daughters of Pelias are looking for one of these…

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Still More Reasons to hate Troy

Iliad Essay for Harris’ Class I have two copies of The Iliad. My first one is a paperback version of the Robert Fagles translation. I’ve written all over it. In my freshman year, I started by identifying the Achaeans as … Continue reading

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