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Seeing Measure Words in Bamboo

The other day, I went to eat with a coworker at the secret upstairs noodle shop. Some expat friends are friends of convenience, the other English speakers in a foreign country, and after so many rounds of Hello, I am … Continue reading

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The First Hero: Saving the World on a Grecian Urn

The First Hero, from BeGamer, is a short point-and-click adventure about a young champion on a Greek urn, I mean, a young champion in mythical Greece. You’re not, as far as I could tell, any particular mythological hero, just a young champion … Continue reading

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Classically Educated Tech Blogging

Female employees working at Apple will soon be offered a fertility benefit of up to $20,000 to put toward freezing their eggs, which advocates say gives women the freedom to seek career advancement without worrying about future family plans. via … Continue reading

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Book Review: Finished Business

Last summer, I posted about reading David Wishart’s latest Marcus Corvinus mystery, Solid Citizens. This summer, I received the newest one, Finished Business, which means more Roman mystery. YEAH! Marcus Corvinus is aging a bit now, and becomes a grandfather when his adopted daughter … Continue reading

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Spoiler: Aristotle

My boss, in the midst of explaining why teaching is so important and how far teaching can reach, said sarcastically to my colleague, “Look how important Plato is. Everyone knows the teacher, but who’s ever heard of Plato’s students?” I … Continue reading

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‘The Lost Sisterhood’

“So,” said Nick, “Layer 7a was Homer’s Troy?” Rebecca’s eyes lit up. “Don’t get me started.” “Yes,” I urged. “Get her started. Please.” The Lost Sisterhood by Anne Fortier tells a story of mythological Amazons, and the modern-day Oxford philologist … Continue reading

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What To Do With A Degree In Classics

One of my game dev students named the object for her Hero Marcus Junius Brutus and the object for her Enemy Gaius Julius Caesar. While I usually encourage my students to stick to the naming conventions, to avoid 10,000 files … Continue reading

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Solid Citizens by David Wishart

Man, I’m excited about the books I’ve been getting to review recently. Before receiving David Wishart’s new novel Solid Citizens, I’d already read Ovid, Germanicus, and Sejanus, also Roman mysteries by the same author. I discovered that Solid Citizens is actually the fifteenth Marcus … Continue reading

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Specialized Skills

When I was in college, I was often asked what I planned to do with my degree in classics. No career counselor had suggested that studying classics is preparation to move to China, and that living China is preparation for … Continue reading

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Classicists Amusing Themselves.

Allison: [pullquote]Achilles Foot and Ankle Specialists. Is a real place that exists. [/pullquote] Meg: Don’t cry to your mama, come see us.

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