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Book Review: Finished Business

Last summer, I posted about reading David Wishart’s latest Marcus Corvinus mystery, Solid Citizens. This summer, I received the newest one, Finished Business, which means more Roman mystery. YEAH! Marcus Corvinus is aging a bit now, and becomes a grandfather when his adopted daughter … Continue reading

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Reading List

A few weeks ago, Harold and I exchanged tweets (why is there no convenient usage for this?) about reading selections, and how revealing a reading list can be. My choices right now are skewed towards travel (No surprise that I … Continue reading

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This Is Just How Caesar’s Legions Got Started

My morning before class started with sleeping through the alarm, and as always, rushing set off a series of other minor catastrophes. When I saw the No Left Turn – Train sign by Chapel Hill Road, I realized I’d have to teleport … Continue reading

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In Development

I’ve been focus testing some new games for Merscom in Chapel Hill… I was a bit nervous going in, but they didn’t seem to hold my recent Create-a-Mall review against me. Merscom is a casual games publisher, I’ve played mostly … Continue reading

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Travians on SeeJaneGame

I have a review of the addictive little browser game Travians up over on SeeJaneGame: The game opens with a message from your Travian’s uncle Horatio, asking you to come and help him with the ancestral estate. As he sends … Continue reading

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March Madness

Yesterday Stick and Cory were talking about their March Madness pools. I always pick Villanova to win, solely because they such have a good ancient civ name. I don’t usually get very far in the pools though. I guess early … Continue reading

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On Classicist Romance

We have 2 copies of Winnie The Pooh in Latin.

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Stephie and her new boyfriend are walking around in a perfect haze of love and adoration. I’m afraid to listen too closely in case I hear “I love being stuck in traffic with you!” or “Isn’t this hailstorm just beautiful?” … Continue reading

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Wedding Reception / Waffle House

This weekend, Stick and I went to North Carolina for his brother’s wedding. I was pretty apprehensive about meeting the extended Stick clan, but it worked out well. If you’ll be meeting your signifigant other’s family in the near future, … Continue reading

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Goodbye Professor Antioch

On Friday I went to Prof. Antioch’s memorial service, it was at the bar of the Lord Jeff, which is somehow quite appropriate. I went with Marcus, and we got an odd look from Magistra. See, Magistra knew that I … Continue reading

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