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Blog Birthday

April makes ten years that I’ve been blogging, which is longer than I’ve done just about anything. I even blogged from behind the Great Firewall of China for two of those ten years. In honor of my decade writing my … Continue reading

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Things I Am Not Good At, Part 5,473

I’ve been taking 40 to work at the game studio. It’s about a 30-minute drive from my apartment,  if I don’t encounter any traffic, accidents, construction, or Mercury being in retrograde, so I have to leave pretty early because apparently … Continue reading

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Crash Course

What with a very full first day and then all that dancing down the street singing about how I’ve gotten a new job, by the time I got to the train station, I’d completely missed rush hour. That means forty … Continue reading

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“Don’t forget to move your car,” my dad said. “It’s a thirty-seven dollar ticket for  parking in front of our house.” “Thirty-seven exactly? And you knew that off the top of your head?” “Of course I did. Want to see … Continue reading

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Hyperbole and Exaggeration

So apparently it’s lame to write a post about how much I love the Boston commuter rail. They have wifi now, and even though it’s pretty spotty,  playing Facebook games is far superior to driving. Instead I’ll tell you about … Continue reading

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One Hubcap ‘Cause Three Got Stolen

I remember driving alone from Vermont back to Western Mass a few months after I’d started driving, and feeling like the trip was an object lesson in gorgeous road metaphors. The curves in the mountain roads, blind corners, broad views down the mountain, … Continue reading

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More Than A Feeling

I’m visiting my awesome sister in Boston now. We had a salon last night where she played me some songs she’s working on and I read her my latest story. In a lot of ways, New England is home to … Continue reading

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How LOST Will End

I started watching LOST in Yantai, so it’s been years now that I’ve been hoping to get a job working for the Dharma Initiative.  I’ve fallen a month or two behind on this season (which requires avoiding Twitter on certain … Continue reading

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Play! A Videogame Symphony

Stick and I went to Play! A Videogame Symphony at the Koka Booth Amphitheatre a few weekends ago. We joined the crazy quilt of blankets, over a carpet of drying pine needles, and unpacked our cheese, olives,  Nintendo DS, and … Continue reading

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Ex-Expat Thoughts

I was listening to Obama’s Cairo speech on NPR the other day when the radio cut out and it went to static. My first thought was not that I was driving through a radio dead zone, or that NPR might … Continue reading

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