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Skipping The Tutorial

A recent post on Brenda Brathwaite’s blog discusses “the frequently forced, painful and cramped narrative-on-rails that is the in-game tutorial” (Full text here). These are usually an awkward blend in media res urgency with a constant jarring reminder of what … Continue reading

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Moonbase Alpha

A few days ago, I was invited to check out NASA’s new game, Moonbase Alpha. Fortunately for you, it was still under wraps so you all were spared my clever, clever puns about a Moonbase Alpha beta. Moonbase Alpha is … Continue reading

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Chinese School After-Action Review

Chinese school is over for the semester. I’ve been teaching here for two years now, the longest time I’ve worked in one school. RACL is really a special place, I’m glad I could work here. I had the best class this semester, thanks to … Continue reading

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By Any Other Name

I have a great class at Chinese school this year. Some of it is just luck. I’ve been incredibly fortunate this year not to have a single parent corner me before or after class to tell me how I should … Continue reading

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Playing Quidditch

“Stick? Can you play Quidditch for me?” I recently rented Harry Potter for the DS, and the Quidditch parts are just as annoying as they are in the books and movies. Unlike the books and movies, I can’t flip a … Continue reading

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Best China Blogs

PanAsianBiz has a new post on the top English blogs about China. They’ve listed the top ten blogs in six categories, based on the categories and votes received on Chinalyst’s best China blog contest. I didn’t win Chinalyst’s contest, but … Continue reading

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Other Bloggers On Visa Changes

A post on the awesome OneManBandwidth blog says goodbye to many expat friends, and mentions an unexpected side effect of the inability to get and keep a legit working visa in education: Teachers were affected about a year ago when … Continue reading

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The Lion, The Witch, and The… German Fighter Pilot?

Stick and I picked up the Narnia movie from Gua Ye (now that I know her name, I should probably stop calling her DVD Lady) the other day. Neither of us had seen it, and I was hoping to use … Continue reading

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And In Conclusion, I Miss Coffee Coolattas

The problems we’ve been having with management at our school have gotten me thinking about past jobs and other bosses. I know people don’t usually talk about how awesome their bosses are, but I’ve been lucky enough to have some … Continue reading

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Too Much Information

I’m teaching my kids the “This is the way I” song this week. I’m starting with the basic version, with simple actions like Brush My Teeth and Read My Book. I haven’t taught them the Meg version yet… Once when … Continue reading

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