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I’m on the phone with Eric and I ask him to tell Kristine, his sister and my old roommate, that I made use of some of her herpetology background while in Florida. “Oh?” Eric said, jumping to the immediate Hoffmann … Continue reading

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Girl Clothes

A couple months ago, Eric and I had this conversation. Eric: Do you want to come to Carolyn and Dave’s wedding with me? Meg: Let me think about this…  Do I want to see your sister Kristine in a dress? … Continue reading

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Hyperbole and Exaggeration

So apparently it’s lame to write a post about how much I love the Boston commuter rail. They have wifi now, and even though it’s pretty spotty,  playing Facebook games is far superior to driving. Instead I’ll tell you about … Continue reading

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Ten Years

Bethie and I met up with a bunch of my college friends at Eric’s new condo, for lots of shrieking and hugging and laughing. Oh, and wine. It took about six seconds for me to feel at home again. A lot … Continue reading

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More Than A Feeling

I’m visiting my awesome sister in Boston now. We had a salon last night where she played me some songs she’s working on and I read her my latest story. In a lot of ways, New England is home to … Continue reading

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E3 Run-ins

At the airport — on the LAX side — I met Mike of GameDrinkCode. We hadn’t met before, although I’m a big fan of GameDrinkCode (I’m more of a GameDrinkWrite girl myself), and I’d been disappointed to miss his highspeed-development talk … Continue reading

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Choice of Dragon

Playing Fantasy University reminded me of how much I enjoyed text-based adventure games. Not that FU is entirely text based, just the the quest texts and item descriptions are meant to be read. I checked out Choice of Dragon, a … Continue reading

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Silkroad Society

This Joymax press release on multiplayer games, virtual societies, and Asian culture, landed in my inbox the other day: Joymax, an independent developer and publisher of interactive entertainment for the global market, today announced the launch of a third “Clean … Continue reading

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Game Review: Sims 2: Castaway

One day, you’re standing on the dock, waving goodbye to a friend, when you slip and fall and land in a crate, which is sealed and loaded onto a cargo ship, which is caught up in a storm and your … Continue reading

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The Lovely Bones

The Lovely Bones, by Alice Sebold, begins by introducing the protagonist, Susie Salmon (like the fish, she reminds us), who is dead, murdered by a neighbor who’s made smalltalk with her parents a few times. As her community searches for … Continue reading

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