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The Ancient Bracelet Of Detect Plot

I stumbled onto this list of writers’ guidelines over at Clarkesworld Magazine, and I thought this list of sci-fi and fantasy cliches was so impressive I had to share. Though no particular setting, theme, or plot is anathema to us, … Continue reading

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Severed Heads

Halloween is coming, which means our local grocery store has put out bulk candy and decorated for the holiday. I’d usually focus on the M&Ms, but the severed head hanging over the candy bags got me thinking. It seemed, suddenly, … Continue reading

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In Development

I’ve been focus testing some new games for Merscom in Chapel Hill… I was a bit nervous going in, but they didn’t seem to hold my recent Create-a-Mall review against me. Merscom is a casual games publisher, I’ve played mostly … Continue reading

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Montezuma’s Revenge

I say that we’ve been playing multiplayer, but actually I think we’re playing two entirely different games that just happen to look similar. Let’s start with the fact that Stick likes to sing the Civilization themesong… which doesn’t have words. I don’t even turn on the sound. It’s not that I don’t like the song, I just don’t care too much for in-game sound effects. I played the game for months before we happened to play a hotseat game on his PC, and I learned that the units speak in their native languages on activation. The Chinese units (usually mine) say “What do you want?” and the Romans (usually Stick’s) say “What are your orders?” Continue reading

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Purple State

We passed this house yesterday and I made Stick turn around so I could get a photo of all the American flags at this house and the Stop Obama sign. Do you know why the US is great? We can … Continue reading

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Wesleyan Commencement Speech

When I went to Bethie’s graduation last month, Anna Quindlen was the commencement speaker. (I know this is not exactly timely, but it took me a while to get my thoughts into a coherent shape) I was really excited to … Continue reading

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Bradford’s Ordinary

I once had an English professor who told us that foreshadowing, symbolism and irony are literary terms, and by definition, can not happen in real life. It is our desire to see our life as a coherent story, he believed, … Continue reading

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Suprising Advertising

Looks like American battery manufacturers are taking a cue from their Chinese counterparts! Now you won’t have to buy a duckie bath thermometer separately!

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The Chocolate Bean

The Chocolate Bean 280 Meeting St Cary, NC 27518 I’m lucky enough to do a lot of my work via my laptop, so I’ve been looking around for a local coffeeshop with wifi. I’ve been shopping around, and discovered that … Continue reading

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I got into podcasts last year when I had the Beijing commute. I’d listen to Notes From Spain and ChinesePod.com, crammed with full bodycontact against other bus riders. Now I listen to them when I’m either at the gym or … Continue reading

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