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Seeing Measure Words in Bamboo

The other day, I went to eat with a coworker at the secret upstairs noodle shop. Some expat friends are friends of convenience, the other English speakers in a foreign country, and after so many rounds of Hello, I am … Continue reading

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I met up with my high-school friend Roy and some of his visiting friends at Katz Deli, where we ate piles of deli meat and exchanged expat stories. Expat stories are are like regular stories, only with more “at the … Continue reading

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Ada Lovelace Day

Have you heard about Ada Lovelace Day? If you’re a girl who likes programming, who are your role models? Too few and far between, says UK-based freelance software consultant and tech blogger, Suw Charman-Anderson. Which is why she’s named March … Continue reading

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Mandarin Superpowers And More On China

Luke Gedeon is collecting China-related articles over on his blog. I’m really pleased to be part of this project, my contribution is a piece on my Mandarin superpowers.  Luke is well-connected among thoughtful bridge bloggers so it promises to be … Continue reading

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Best China Blogs

PanAsianBiz has a new post on the top English blogs about China. They’ve listed the top ten blogs in six categories, based on the categories and votes received on Chinalyst’s best China blog contest. I didn’t win Chinalyst’s contest, but … Continue reading

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Obligatory Election Comments

I really resented the vote-with-your-ovaries movement among Hilary supporters. A woman president would be nice, but I found the idea that women are a cohesive voting group who should all pick Hilary based on gender kind of demeaning. Not entirely … Continue reading

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A Guide To Visiting Journalists

Kaiser Kuo has written a brilliant Guide for Visiting Journalists, to avoid the awkward Bylines-At-Customs type of writing so scathingly described by Huo Lei Feng, and to avoid the shallow cliches that make us cringe. Here’s an excerpt: Topping the … Continue reading

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End Of Part Two

I’m still in Beijing, but I’m getting into an East Coast sleep pattern already. It comes from lying in bed wondering exactly what I’m going to do with myself next, and then waking up to an anxious countdown of time … Continue reading

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Other Bloggers On Visa Changes

A post on the awesome OneManBandwidth blog says goodbye to many expat friends, and mentions an unexpected side effect of the inability to get and keep a legit working visa in education: Teachers were affected about a year ago when … Continue reading

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I’ve come to realise that my life is not so interesting and there are many more informative blogs about expat life in China. The only hope I have to distinguish myself is to write with correct grammar and adequate spelling. … Continue reading

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