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Bro, Do You Even Ello?

Mashable’s Chris Taylor describes my feelings on Ello perfectly: There isn’t a working search function. I can’t find my friends, which is about a basic a function as a social network needs to have. I have to login every time … Continue reading

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Apps That Need To Exist: Skipworthy

To improve the Facebook experience for the average user, this app will automatically hide everything shared from Buzzfeed or Upworthy from the user’s Facebook timeline.  Optional upgrades will allow users to block any posts with “…and you’ll never believe what … Continue reading

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Social Gaming

After I showed Grumpy Goats to my game design students, we had a discussion about elements of Facebook games, and I showed them World of Secrets. One might not think a Facebook hidden object game lends itself well to a … Continue reading

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The Facebook Diet

New piece on Geek Magazine, in which I am thoroughly confused by a “Facebook humor” book: The Facebook Diet by Gemini Adams promises to highlight all the hilarious and strange things in the world of Facebook. I was excited to read this … Continue reading

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Winston, The Facebook Butler

Yesterday at Dreamit day, when Winston was described as an audio assistant to present stories from social networks like Facebook, I picked up my phone to play games until the presentation was over. I could not have been less interested. … Continue reading

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Anti-Social Networking

My new piece on Dialect is my second discussion of G+ and Facebook. Google’s circles, I’m constantly told, allow you to share content with different groups. You can skip the updates who bore you! You can make an unread circle … Continue reading

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Google+ Vs Facebook

From Google vs. Facebook: Should Human Rights Factor in Your Choice of Social Network? on Huffington Post Google Plus, which launched in beta last week, has been Topic One among the “digerati,” who’ve spent much of the week kicking the … Continue reading

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The Knifefight Principle

So Figment has an idea for a social game with optional premium content. The basic concept is a multiplayer knifefight on the Facebook platform. Anyone can play free, but getting a knife costs extra. For a gold membership, he explains … Continue reading

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When Contextual Ads Attack

Sometimes Facebook gets a bad rap. But I love Facebook, I mean, I defended Facebook back when MySpace looked like an actual competitor (That links to my old Rolling Dice column in the long-dead Faster Than The World mag). I … Continue reading

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Friendship’s Bloom

The new Friendship’s Bloom tree in My Tribe is a cooperative mystery. First, a friend needs to fertilize the tree. Even if you have lots of friends, this can only be done once per tree, per day. Each time the … Continue reading

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