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Known Associates

In the last few days, I’ve sure seen a lot of misspellings of Michele Catalano. Michele was my editor at the awesome (and sadly, now-defunct) Faster Than The World, and my freelance writing friend since then.  She writes here about the … Continue reading

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When Contextual Ads Attack

Sometimes Facebook gets a bad rap. But I love Facebook, I mean, I defended Facebook back when MySpace looked like an actual competitor (That links to my old Rolling Dice column in the long-dead Faster Than The World mag). I … Continue reading

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Shuffleupagus (n) A person who shuffles around papers and office supplies in an attempt to look busy, expending more energy on the shuffling than he would doing actual work. This comes from Michelle, formerly of Faster Than The World, but … Continue reading

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Montezuma’s Revenge

I say that we’ve been playing multiplayer, but actually I think we’re playing two entirely different games that just happen to look similar. Let’s start with the fact that Stick likes to sing the Civilization themesong… which doesn’t have words. I don’t even turn on the sound. It’s not that I don’t like the song, I just don’t care too much for in-game sound effects. I played the game for months before we happened to play a hotseat game on his PC, and I learned that the units speak in their native languages on activation. The Chinese units (usually mine) say “What do you want?” and the Romans (usually Stick’s) say “What are your orders?” Continue reading

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Only Because I Couldn’t Spell Draenai

My mana tap brings all the boys to the yard is my column this week at Faster Than The World. It’s the obligatory Burning Crusade article, all about Blood Elves and the Barrens chatters gamers who play them.

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Why Montezuma’s A Freaking Jerk

No, I haven’t been playing Burning Crusade all week, I was working on this week’s Faster Than The World article on soft power and Civ 4.

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Rolling Dice

The folks at Faster Than The World asked me to do a game-girl column (Did y’all hear that? The part where they asked me?) and my first column is on repatriation and playing the Wii.

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