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In Which I Push My Feminist Agenda

Over the years that I’ve been working in games, I’ve been accused of slipping a feminist agenda into game creative. Usually this means I objected to Smurfetteing, or pinking, not that I was actually trying to sneak female empowerment into a … Continue reading

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Some Sympathy For Seneca Crane

There are two major conversations happening around games and creativity. One is an amazingly positive conversation around the value of representation and allowing players of all different identities to find themselves in creative media. This is such an exciting conversation, … Continue reading

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This weekend, Harold and I went to Small Press Expo in DC. Since I began spending time with Harold, I’ve realized that I am not really a comics fan, as much as I’m a person who enjoys good stories, and … Continue reading

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Videogame Zinesters

It’s Just A Game! From comics & game designs to fictional interviews & academic essays, the disparate parts of It’s Just A Game work together toward the common goal of proving once and for all that no, it ISN’T just … Continue reading

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Just A Compliment, Geez

When women are harassed, whether it’s a creepy come-on, an “accidental” grope, a sexist joke, or whatever form it takes, we often ignore it to avoid being considered moody or hard to work with.  Especially in the working sphere, we … Continue reading

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Nancy Drew: Lights, Camera, Curses

What makes Nancy Drew: Lights, Camera, Curses! a girls’ game is the female protagonist. It’s not pink, it’s not cutesy, there are no magic animal friends, there is no shopping. Let me repeat that in case you were skimming. This … Continue reading

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Alas, Babylon

The other day, Stick lent me Alas, Babylon by Pat Frank. I’m not sure whether Stick remembered my penchant for post-apocalyptic novels, or if he just wanted me to stop kibbutzing his WarCraft game. Alas, Babylon is yet another post-apocalyptic … Continue reading

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