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Actual Concerns In Games Journalism

(Spoiler: None of these involve a secret cabal of games journalists, plotting to destroy videogames in order to take over the world. Also, none of these concerns make me want to join up with a certain internet hate mob.) 1) The system of … Continue reading

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JPod: Continue? y/n

I just started reading a secondhand copy of Douglas Coupland’s JPod, and it turns out the previous owner has annotated it, adding another layer of marginalia on a novel that has instructions for ramen noodles and software bug reports in … Continue reading

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Videogame Zinesters

It’s Just A Game! From comics & game designs to fictional interviews & academic essays, the disparate parts of It’s Just A Game work together toward the common goal of proving once and for all that no, it ISN’T just … Continue reading

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This Post Is Not Actually About Sushi

Two MMO designers are looking for a post-GDC dinner. “I thought there would be a sushi place around here.” one of them says. “Yeah, me too — you’d expect one in a city like this,” “Weird. Let’s email the mayor, … Continue reading

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18 to 35

I usually feel pretty good about being a woman working in games. Sure, other feminists protest, and write books, and pass legislation. Women around the world risk injury or prosecution. But my huge move for women’s equality is doing a … Continue reading

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Entropia Times Magazine

The March issue of the Entropia Times magazine is out, and the ET staff has done a beautiful job, once again. There’s a pretty awesome piece about some of the crazy things I do for a living. After it went … Continue reading

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Still Life With Japanese Translation

Taken right before I met up with Casey from The Kartel for the Cave Story talk at GDC. Of course, I pretended that the gizmo was actually translating for me instead of just playing the translator’s voice. It’s more scifi … Continue reading

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Social Game Smackdown

So I’ve been struggling with my love for MyTribe and the way it’s been spamming up recently. I logged on the other day, and was immediately harassed for not playing. I dislike this on a couple of levels. First, if … Continue reading

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Stick brought in the mail yesterday, and brought me a book I’d ordered and a couple adverts, and then asked if maybe I was waiting for something else to arrive. I guess in the excitement of getting my press credentials … Continue reading

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Triangle IGDA

I went to the Triangle IGDA meetup last week, while Stick was away in Charlotte. It was a bit nerve-wracking going in, but I hadn’t even gotten my name tag before I started talking to a newly-local indie game dev, … Continue reading

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