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In Which I Push My Feminist Agenda

Over the years that I’ve been working in games, I’ve been accused of slipping a feminist agenda into game creative. Usually this means I objected to Smurfetteing, or pinking, not that I was actually trying to sneak female empowerment into a … Continue reading

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Captain Prototype

Remember that Captain Action game I started working on last year? We got the first prototype this week, and it looks so good. After so long on index cards and in shared docs, it’s great to see it looking like … Continue reading

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Videogame Zinesters Revisited

IndieCade East inspired me to reread Anna Anthropy’s manifesto/memoir/guidebook Rise of the Videogame Zinesters: How Freaks, Normals, Amateurs, Artists, Dreamers, Drop-outs, Queers, Housewives, and People Like You Are Taking Back an Art Form. Rereading on a Kindle is particularly interesting, … Continue reading

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Building a better action figure with 3D Printing?

In which Harold goes to my work party, but is actually thinking about action figures the whole time. Mobile apps and games now occupy children from a very young age. In addition to consuming New Media, more and more children … Continue reading

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Bik Review on Hardcore Droid

My new review is up, over on Hardcore Droid: Bik is a point-and-click (er, tap) adventure, offering all the best of the point-and-click genre: There are piles of bizarre items to be picked up and then used in unusual ways, loveable loser … Continue reading

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Block, Block, and Block

I tweeted my link to my Depression Quest review the other day, and accidentally walked into the Zoe Quinn Twitter battle. I try to tweet my games journalism multiple times, because I’m a narcissistic attention whore, or working freelance writer, tick where … Continue reading

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Saturday With Harold

Star Wars Pez Dispensers On Saturday, Harold and I went out to Winston-Salem to pick up some Star Trek toys communicators. Apparently there still are some Trek collectibles that he doesn’t own! He’d dome some kind of trade with the … Continue reading

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PanemVille: The Hunger Games Adventures

The Hunger Games novels suggest so many good games — a minigame hunting prey with Katniss’ arrows (a popular choice for the middle-school girls in my game design classes), a crafting and survival game like Lost In Blue set in … Continue reading

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Success Marker

One of my current App Design students took Game Design with me last year, and today he asked if I would please tell him the story of Cow Clicker again.

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Cursus Honorum

At our sprint review meeting on Friday, we met two new team members. “I took a pretty unusual path,” said one of my new colleagues. “Before this, I lived in Beijing. I know that moving to China is not the most common path into teaching … Continue reading

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