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Cursus Honorum

At our sprint review meeting on Friday, we met two new team members. “I took a pretty unusual path,” said one of my new colleagues. “Before this, I lived in Beijing. I know that moving to China is not the most common path into teaching … Continue reading

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Not Quite Legendary ‘Legend Online’

Legend Online is the second game I’ve reviewed over at GiN. My editor, Marie, assigned me the game and also sent me a very generous credit in Diamonds, the game’s premium currency, from the game’s publicist.  But when I looked … Continue reading

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Neocolonialism is Seth Alter’s new strategy game of economic control and dirty politics. I wrote about Neocolonialism’s Kickstarter for IGM,  back in January. The game’s out now, so I interviewed Seth for GamerHub.Tv: What was your main goal in developing and … Continue reading

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Social Gaming

After I showed Grumpy Goats to my game design students, we had a discussion about elements of Facebook games, and I showed them World of Secrets. One might not think a Facebook hidden object game lends itself well to a … Continue reading

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Giant Grumpy Goats

Showing off Grumpy Goats to my game design students.

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App Design Class

I always enjoy reading student work in the Game Concepts class. I’m so proud when students turn their rambling and epic game ideas into succinct summaries with player objectives, win conditions and fail conditions.

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Flavortext Superpower

As part of the class in game design, we ask the students to come up with unique, descriptive titles for their completed games, and to write other game text like a one-sentence summary or a brief instructional screen.  Usually I … Continue reading

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Dunning-Kruger Effect

  I came across this photo from my game design class last spring. I shared it at iheartchaos a while ago, but I don’t think I ever shared it here. We covered this in a discussion about cognitive biases. I … Continue reading

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Just A Compliment, Geez

When women are harassed, whether it’s a creepy come-on, an “accidental” grope, a sexist joke, or whatever form it takes, we often ignore it to avoid being considered moody or hard to work with.  Especially in the working sphere, we … Continue reading

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Circle Back

My game design class goes out to a pub after Wednesday night class. Last time I ended up talking with a woman I really admire, and talking about working in tech, and somehow got onto the subject of corporate communications. … Continue reading

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