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I’m writing a Pathfinder campaign for a publisher of sourcebooks and pre-gen campaigns, This project is both one of the biggest gamewriting assignments I’ve worked on, and a cool throwback to my younger days playing tabletop games. I’ve always enjoyed playing … Continue reading

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JPod: Continue? y/n

I just started reading a secondhand copy of Douglas Coupland’s JPod, and it turns out the previous owner has annotated it, adding another layer of marginalia on a novel that has instructions for ramen noodles and software bug reports in … Continue reading

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Audio Design

Complete text of the lesson I gave my students on choosing sounds for their games. (Parents can thank me later.)

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Failstate Fourth Wall

What happens when I’m encouraged to write failstate messages… Working on Tokyo Hosto was a great time, and I’m pleased to see it coming together.

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Amazon Jungle

Harold sent me an Amazon link to Wisegal, a casual game he produced, because it’s gotten a pretty stunning player review: This game is very fun. It is not an easy game nor is it very hard. It is perfect. … Continue reading

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