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Actual Concerns In Games Journalism

(Spoiler: None of these involve a secret cabal of games journalists, plotting to destroy videogames in order to take over the world. Also, none of these concerns make me want to join up with a certain internet hate mob.) 1) The system of … Continue reading

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An Unpleasant Combat Game

Quoted from Leigh Alexander’s blog. Posted without comment, because how could I improve this? What’s your favorite video game? Metal Gear Solid 3. It’s a game set in the Cold War that you can play however you want, but those of … Continue reading

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No Pineapple Left Behind

I was really excited to hear about Seth Alter’s new game project, No Pineapple Left Behind.  When we’d talked last, he’d dropped some hints that his next project had to do with pineapples in school, but this was not exactly … Continue reading

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Booth Dudes

That’s it. When my studio goes big time, I’m hiring booth dudes for #E3. —amandadadesky, via Twitter

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Civ 2, Or Why I Should Listen To Eric Sometimes

Nick tagged me in that 15 games Facebook meme, but as I started to compile my most memorable games, I realized I’m unable to just type a list. Civilization 2 would definitely make that list. When Civ 2 came out, … Continue reading

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New Study: Still Shocked By Girls Playing Games

From the post Girls Got Game! A Look at Gender & Gaming, on the usually-awesome site Frisky Mongoose: First and foremost, what would you say if I told you that 60% of women that play games don’t actually consider themselves … Continue reading

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Skipping The Tutorial

A recent post on Brenda Brathwaite’s blog discusses “the frequently forced, painful and cramped narrative-on-rails that is the in-game tutorial” (Full text here). These are usually an awkward blend in media res urgency with a constant jarring reminder of what … Continue reading

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Two Worlds Collided

Tonight was the end-of-term dance for the students, and some of the responsible adults also grabbed the chance to dance around the gym/auditorium, gossip by the water fountain, hang out with the smokers on the stairs and generally act like … Continue reading

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Indie Game Mag, Issue 11

Issue 11 of Indie Game Mag is out, including my article on IndieCade: In the midst of the booth babes, the pumping ‘Poker Face’ from the Dance Central demo at Harmonix, and the all-out gaming promo swag of E3 is … Continue reading

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E3 Run-ins

At the airport — on the LAX side — I met Mike of GameDrinkCode. We hadn’t met before, although I’m a big fan of GameDrinkCode (I’m more of a GameDrinkWrite girl myself), and I’d been disappointed to miss his highspeed-development talk … Continue reading

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