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Icewind Dale Port

I’m playing the Icewind Dale port on my iPad right now. While it’s not a perfect port — not everything works well with a touchscreen, and the instructions still ask you to hit a letter key to toggle different AI … Continue reading

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The Perils of The Lady Gamer: A Graphial Diversion Regarding Women and Games

I wrote about this hilarious and sad comic on female gamers by Shaenon K Garrity for The Absolute. You may have seen it by now — this is actually the 4th time* I’ve covered a story right before a Gawker … Continue reading

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18 to 35

I usually feel pretty good about being a woman working in games. Sure, other feminists protest, and write books, and pass legislation. Women around the world risk injury or prosecution. But my huge move for women’s equality is doing a … Continue reading

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Things I Have Learned About Games

Behind every bright pink videogame promotion is a female game dev headdesking in frustration.

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Booth Dudes

That’s it. When my studio goes big time, I’m hiring booth dudes for #E3. —amandadadesky, via Twitter

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Bouncy Castle

  bouncy castle!, by Simpson’s Paradox This bouncy castle at E3 was pretty awesome, but I wasn’t best pleased by the girls in short-shorts hired to bounce around.

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One More Turn

It seems to me like two people who are both playing just one more turn, finishing this raid, or getting to a good savepoint would be less likely to make it to bed. But who am I to contradict Cosmo?

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New Study: Still Shocked By Girls Playing Games

From the post Girls Got Game! A Look at Gender & Gaming, on the usually-awesome site Frisky Mongoose: First and foremost, what would you say if I told you that 60% of women that play games don’t actually consider themselves … Continue reading

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Lost in Blue 2

I’ve been playing Lost in Blue 2 on the DS for a while now, and while I always love games about island survival, like MyTribe, Sims 2: Castaway, etc., there’s a lot of room for improvement in Lost in Blue. … Continue reading

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White On Black, Point Ten, With Flames, Robots and A BFG

Why do gaming sites feel the need to have white text on a black background? Don’t you have any sympathy for my eyes? It’s bad enough when I have to turn up the font size (shut up) but seriously, white-on-black … Continue reading

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