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Anti-Social Networking

My new piece on Dialect is my second discussion of G+ and Facebook. Google’s circles, I’m constantly told, allow you to share content with different groups. You can skip the updates who bore you! You can make an unread circle … Continue reading

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Google+ Vs Facebook

From Google vs. Facebook: Should Human Rights Factor in Your Choice of Social Network? on Huffington Post Google Plus, which launched in beta last week, has been Topic One among the “digerati,” who’ve spent much of the week kicking the … Continue reading

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New York Pride

Last weekend, I went to the NYC Pride parade with Roy and some of his friends. The parade is always a good show, that combination of elaborate costumes and nudity, dedicated political activism and dick jokes, and there was extra … Continue reading

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Angry Birds

“Ever since we played Angry Birds in Maine,” Marcus said on the phone the other night, “I’ve been seeing it everywhere. I guess it’s becoming pretty popular.” I just barely restrained myself from pointing out that Marcus is hardly the … Continue reading

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Bye Bloglines

So my feedreader, Bloglines, is closing at the end of the month.  I’m sad to see it go, I’ve been using it since Ryan from The Humanaught introduced me to Bloglines in 2005, as a way to get round the … Continue reading

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One Hubcap ‘Cause Three Got Stolen

I remember driving alone from Vermont back to Western Mass a few months after I’d started driving, and feeling like the trip was an object lesson in gorgeous road metaphors. The curves in the mountain roads, blind corners, broad views down the mountain, … Continue reading

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MyTribe’s Second Island

I finally built the Great Ark and got off the island. Oh, hi, I’m talking about MyTribe again, not LOST. When your tribe completes the Ark and sails to a new island, they’ll bring everything from the first island’s storehouse, … Continue reading

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Fantasy University Preview

Fantasy University is an upcoming Facebook game from Simutronics Corp. (If you’re asking yourself why that name sounds familiar, it may be because you’re old enough to have played DragonRealms on AOL.) I’ve been playing the current alpha build —  … Continue reading

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My Tribe For Facebook

Grubby Games’ My Tribe has just been turned into a Facebook social game. I played the original My Tribe about a year ago (yeah, I know, I love desert island survival games). The goal in the new Facebook game, like … Continue reading

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BeeAppi Interview

My article on BeeAppi‘s CyberWord is in the latest issue of Indie Game Mag. I had a great time talking with Karen about iPhone game development, and I also went to hear her at the Triangle All-Stars iPhone panel, which … Continue reading

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