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Or Something

I’ve been reading a wonderful reinvention of Northanger Abbey by Val McDermid, and it’s full of clever references to Austen stories, or jokes about Twilight,  or literary snark in general. I’ve been highlighting a passage on practically every page, but this … Continue reading

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I’ve got a new post up on I Heart Chaos about Zeitheist.  (Warning: I Heart Chaos is not entirely safe for work. Ahem.) Zeitheist, which demoed last night at NYGaming at AOL Ventures, is a new web-based Twitter meta-game. The … Continue reading

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Entirely Different

“I gotta hang up and get back to work,” I told Marcus the other day. “Right, you have to slay monkeys and rescue new players.” “No, no, the boars are killing newbies in this area. The talking monkeys have capitalization … Continue reading

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Angry Birds

“Ever since we played Angry Birds in Maine,” Marcus said on the phone the other night, “I’ve been seeing it everywhere. I guess it’s becoming pretty popular.” I just barely restrained myself from pointing out that Marcus is hardly the … Continue reading

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Did They Teach You That In Poet School?

Marcus and I are drinking coffee at Harvard Square on a Sunday afternoon just before Christmas. Ok, I’m drinking enough coffee for both of us, and he’s regaling me with stories from academia. My friend Marcus is an actual working … Continue reading

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