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My Top Books of 2014

So, this was blatantly stolen from Alice at Reading Rambo, who stole it from Emily at As the Crowe Flies (and Reads). Although, I only answered the questions I felt like answering, and I waited until weeks into 2015 to do so, because you … Continue reading

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Apps That Need To Exist: PreDoctor

Since Google knows pretty much everything about us, I can’t wait for it to apply what it’s learned from our checkins and sleeping hours and steptrackers to answer our medical googling. “Google,” I might ask it, “do I have that … Continue reading

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Text From My Sister

“Whaat? Dumbledore DIES?!?” –My wonderful sister, who has just finished book six, and who has apparently managed not to have a major plot point of Harry Potter spoiled in the nine years since the book came out.

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This weekend, Harold and I went to Small Press Expo in DC. Since I began spending time with Harold, I’ve realized that I am not really a comics fan, as much as I’m a person who enjoys good stories, and … Continue reading

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Harry Potter Variant Covers

  Via New Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Cover | The Mary Sue, thanks to Limadean. Sometimes I’m baffled by the variant-covers thing in comics. I asked Harold about this. It’s the same story, right? Just with a new picture … Continue reading

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Amy Shearn’s ‘The Mermaid of Brooklyn’

The advert on this book — “sometimes all you need in life is a fabulous pair of shoes” — signaled sassy airport chick lit to me, and so I put off reading the book until I was in the right kind of … Continue reading

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The Time Tribe

My friend Jerry wrote to tell me he’s working with a new game, and he thought it might be a good fit for me. “Oh yeah? Why’s that?” “Because it’s a point-and-click adventure game, with historically accurate game settings, edu … Continue reading

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Still Life With Engagement Ring and Chinese MMO Text

This past year, Harold and I got engaged! I still can’t really believe it, and saying “my fiance” and “after we’re married…” makes me laugh hysterically. In 2012, I contributed to three shipped games, Grumpy Goats, Next Island and Empire Online Lakoo. I started writing for … Continue reading

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“After All This Time?”

I’ve written lots of times about reading and watching Harry Potter, sometimes as Harry Potter therapy for different things happening in my life.  In college, my roommate Kristine and I would lie on the couches, watch Harry Potter, and escape … Continue reading

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Mei You

I’m back in Brooklyn, but I left both my DVD of Harry Potter 1 and my Circle of Friends paperback with Harold in Chapel Hill. At the time, I thought it was symbolic of my commitment to the relationship, in … Continue reading

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