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There, I Fixed It!

The hilarious There, I Fixed It! blog just released a hardcopy version. The book, There, I Fixed It: (No, You Didn’t), covers some of the best kludges from the blog, including my shower pictures. My usual method for dealing with … Continue reading

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Original Sims

I was a freshman in college when my hallmate and soon-to-be best friend Kristin introduced me to the Sims. While other freshmen were passed out on Frat Row, I was playing Sims. (Which isn’t to say I wasn’t on my … Continue reading

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New Shower

I guess you can tell by the Herbal Essences, but this is our new shower! It has lovely hot water, and yesterday it passed the four-showers-in-one-morning test.

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What My Dad Would Call “Logistics”

So I’ve narrowed it down to two possible jobs. One job is Singapore Academy, with small classes, teenage students, all the things I want, but they weren’t able to meet my salary expectation, and between losing our double housing bonus … Continue reading

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