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What The Heck Am I Going To Do With A Vegi-Magical Degree?

Another of my favorite screens from Lili.  Just used this as the accompanying art for a piece on the possible definitions of indie games, because I giggled to see an indie game character wondering if her education is a good … Continue reading

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Osmos in Lili

I’m playing BitMonster’s Lili, and just discovered a cute reference to another favorite, Hemisphere Games’ Osmos. Here’s Lili in Shoppington’s, noticing it too.

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Hey, did you know that South By Southwest isn’t actually the compass direction? If your sister were a sailor, like mine is, you’d know that it should be Southwest By South. Anyway, I’m in Austin for SxSWi, which is pretty … Continue reading

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Save GameTunnel!

GameTunnel was one of the first websites that focused on the indie gaming scene. It was founded in 2002 and had years of great coverage, monthly game roundups, game of the year awards, indie game reviews and more. The founder … Continue reading

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Crayon Physics

Before settling down to create the full length Crayon Physics Deluxe, Petri Purho, of the one-man game studio Kloonigames, wrote one minigame a month. You can really see that creativity and adaptability in the finished Crayon Physics. Each level of … Continue reading

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User Error

Last night, on my way from LAX into Los Angeles for IndieCade, I snapped some touristy pictures of the neon and palm trees and general LA glamour. I know that bookish girls who majored in Latin are supposed to eschew … Continue reading

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Indie Game Mag, Issue 11

Issue 11 of Indie Game Mag is out, including my article on IndieCade: In the midst of the booth babes, the pumping ‘Poker Face’ from the Dance Central demo at Harmonix, and the all-out gaming promo swag of E3 is … Continue reading

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Moonbase Alpha

A few days ago, I was invited to check out NASA’s new game, Moonbase Alpha. Fortunately for you, it was still under wraps so you all were spared my clever, clever puns about a Moonbase Alpha beta. Moonbase Alpha is … Continue reading

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In Which I Promote Myself

Here’s my IndieCade post over on Indie Game Mag. There’s a longer version coming out in the print mag, including reactions to Maum, B.U.T.T.O.N. and my general thoughts on indie games at E3. I also talked about playing Rock Band … Continue reading

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TGConf After-Action Review

Right before I went to Denver, I went to the Triangle Games Conference.  It was a great two days, I met a ton of creative people and heard about a lot of interesting projects. This meeting-strangers thing is getting a … Continue reading

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