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Accessing Blocked Facebook

You guys. There are so many things I liked about my travels in the Middle Kingdom, but the Great Firewall was not one of them. Most social networking sites, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, are blocked in China. I didn’t … Continue reading

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The other night, I went to Freshii with some other Boston bloggers. (Yeah! I live in Boston now! I do Boston blogger things!) I had a really nice evening, thanks to the great bloggers I met. Always fun to meet friends who are … Continue reading

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Facts of life at a Yangzhou hospital. #chinglish #中国 #扬州 #expat #travel #China #Yangzhou #health

Facts of life at a Yangzhou hospital. #chinglish #blog #中国 #扬州 #expat #travel #China #Yangzhou #health via Instagram.

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CamRate Everything

CamRate, a fun new lifestyle app, lets users take photos or share photos, add a name and a description, and rate it, and publicly share their rating. Then, you can see what others think about it, or rate what other … Continue reading

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Comic Conspiracy

Went with Harold for a Free Comic Book Day signing at The Comic Conspiracy, Asheboro.

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Oak City Comics Show

Oak City Comics Show with Harold last weekend.

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Some Days I Really Love The Internet

I recently built a Tumblr that’s automated to just find Instagram photos of flowers I like, backlink the photographer, queue and then regularly reblog them to a  pretty layout, so that whenever I feel sad, I have a whole page of lovely new … Continue reading

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Still Life With Yggdrasil

My friend Allison has this on a necklace, she wore it a lot in college. Actually, I’m not sure sure if she wore it every single day, but that’s how I picture her in my head, and so, every time I see … Continue reading

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I’m really enjoying taking more photos, playing around with Instagram and Pixlr, and finding a good one to post here every week. It’s a good mental practice to keep my eyes open for small details of everyday life that are … Continue reading

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Sushi With Harold

When Harold and I go out for sushi, we spend a long time debating different rolls. Should we get a Volcano Roll or a Tokyo Roll? Should we get the special with yellowtail, and then get a plain smoked salmon … Continue reading

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