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Mayflies, Collage, and Music in Super Chop Games’ Ephemerid

Super Chop Games’ new iOs release Ephemerid is a musical game, but fortunately, very little of it involves tapping in time with the background music (Ugh. How is that a genre?). Instead, players explore a paper collage world of flowers, … Continue reading

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Free Free Free To Play, Pay Pay Pay To Win

Indie studio Elevate Fun’s new free-to-play iOS Game, FFFFF2P, is Free Free Free Free Free To Play. Like most free-to-play games, you can, of course, pay to win. Free Free Free Free Free To Play smartly satirizes the usual free-to-play … Continue reading

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Text-Based Space Opera in ‘Choice of the Star Captain’

I’ve talked a lot about text-based games like Heroes Rise, To The City of the Clouds, Choice of Romance, Choice of The Vampire, Choice of the Dragon, and now, I’ve got a new piece on Geek talking about Star Captain. Choice of the Star Captain … Continue reading

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I played Spaceteam with some friends this weekend. When you have a group of people who work in games and think critically about games, sometimes it’s easy to get caught up talking about mechanics, but I had so much genuine … Continue reading

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