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The other day, I had my students make menus and play restaurant. I’d put them in groups and let the kids choose whether to be waitstaff or customers, polite or rude. Usually this class is le tired, so I was … Continue reading

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…With Chinese Characteristics

I thought that I was familiar with the demo class as a shady recruitment policy, but my current school’s plan for a demo class might actually be a record for sketchy Chinese ESL policies. Basically, the parents are going to … Continue reading

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Meeting Of Minds

It’s sort of an expat joke that the only information determined at a Chinese meeting is the time and place of the next meeting. I think I even saw that on of those “You know you live in China, when…” … Continue reading

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Never A Dull Moment

I have more pictures to post, both from this weekend and school pictures, but just haven’t had time. I had to wing some lessons in my deskless classroom, and then on break we had a surprise meeting about our roles … Continue reading

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China Addiction

Stick asked me if I wanted to go back to China at the end of the summer. I don’t know, I don’t feel an amazing love of Yantai. China is like Wonkaland, and while I’m still curious about China, the … Continue reading

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