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‘Rich Kids of Instagram’: Satyricon and the City

Rich Kids of Instagram is a Tumblr of, well, rich kids posing with their expensive stuff. Whether it’s yachts, sports cars, resorts or dropping $10,000 on cosmetics, the Tumblr recalls late-Roman excesses. It’s hard to tear my eyes away, and … Continue reading

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“Alice In Tumblr-Land”

Tim Manley’s Alice in Tumblr-land: And Other Fairy Tales for a New Generation tells the stories of fairy tale princesses and heroes, as twenty-somethings navigating relationships, friends, sex, careers and social media. The Tortoise and the Hare Facebook-stalk each other … Continue reading

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On The Plus Side, The Rooms Are Cheap

Whenever I go to Los Angeles, I stay at the Cecil Hotel. It’s walking distance to the convention center that holds E3 and the Spike VGA, and it’s on a couple of bus lines. I really love the faded old-Hollywood glamour … Continue reading

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My Internal Monologue, #2

Could I sell you my kidney for this position? — Things I did not actually say when asked if I had any further questions for the interviewer. (I’m too polite to ask who I need to sleep with to get … Continue reading

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Misfit Heights, A Zombie Puppet Musical

Misfit Heights, from filmmakers James Burzelic and Daniel Grzeskowiak at Unfettered Entertainment, is a low-budget zombie puppet musical, premiering at the GenCon Film Festival next month.

I saw an early-stage build (oh, hi, guys, I’m a game reviewer and not a film critic) of a horror musical telling the story of a puppet-occupied apartment building ravaged by the undead. When the human superintendent leaves town, the building’s mad scientist and would-be evil overlord tries to raise a zombie army! Unfortunately, his undead minions don’t stay under his control for long, and the rest of the cute, ugly and wacky puppet tenants must deal with all the horror-movie carnage that ensues. Continue reading

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Figment: How’s your day? Meg:  Um, I started to tell you that I have Optimus Prime problems but that sounded stupid. Figment: Is this for your game? Meg: Will be. If *long and involved situation* and *detailed time consuming issue* … Continue reading

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Cities By Gender

Quick recap of cities I’ve visited in 2011:  Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Fransisco, Austin, Los Angeles again, Seattle twice, and next up is Denver. And, as these statistics prove, I’ve literally been surrounded by single men everywhere I go. … Continue reading

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Today I got a LinkedIn request from a professional contact that began “Hi Meg, we played Kinect wearing wigs at E3…”. This industry is pretty freaking awesome.

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Apps That Need To Exist: Been There Map

The last time I was in Los Angeles,  Figment and I were on Sunset going to Meltdown comics, and I magically started to recognize places. Places in Los Angeles are becoming familiar to me, which sort of blows my mind … Continue reading

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Twistianapolis 500

The sharp contrast between the all-out promotion of AAA titles at E3 and the laid-back schoolyard of IndieCade was particularly evident at Twistianapolis 500. Twistianapolis relies on a homemade, souped-up Twister board, a recording calling out body parts and colors, … Continue reading

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